BlackBerry 7 Devices Won’t Get The Upgrade To BlackBerry 10


Research In Motion’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, said in a press conference held recently that current BlackBerry 7 devices (like the Bold, the Curve, and the Torch) will not be getting upgraded to the BlackBerry 10 OS. He also said that BlackBerry 7 apps will not necessarily be compatible with the BlackBerry 10 platform or vice versa. He did say however that RIM may (or may not) port over some of the apps seen on BlackBerry 7 to work with BlackBerry 10.

So, are the days of getting support for your BlackBerry 7 device gone? Not necessarily. Heins said that RIM is committed to continue to supporting the BlackBerry 7 platform (and devices) “for a while.” How long “a while” is nobody knows for sure (other than RIM itself). But even with their commitment to BB7 devices, we don’t expect RIM to release updates loaded with new features for the OS. Instead we expect maintenance releases that feature mostly bug fixes.

Source: Phone Scoop


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