Nvidia’s Roadmap Shows New Tegra 3+ Processor Coming In 3Q Of 2012


Michael Rayfield, general manager of Nvidia’s mobile business unit, said that Nvidia plans to release a new version of the Tegra 3 processor, dubbed Tegra 3+, sometime in the third quarter of 2012. Rayfield said that the new chip will bring significantly better performance to both tablets and smartphones, however it will not feature an integrated LTE modem (just like the Tegra 3 doesn’t).

While I always get excited about new technology, I have to say that I’m a pretty disappointed with the news. Why? Because while I’m sure the performance will be greatly improved like Rayfield said, the fact that the processor doesn’t have an integrated LTE chip means that more than likely we’ll never see a phone using it here in the U.S. However, I’m still holding on to hope that Nvidia partners with another company to bring LTE-enabled Tegra 3+ processors to the market sooner rather than later.


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