Nokia Issuing $100 Billing Credit To All Nokia Lumia 900 Buyers Until April 21st


If you haven’t already bought yourself a shiny new Nokia Lumia 900 yet, maybe this news will give you that extra bit of motivation to visit your local AT&T store. The 900 was having a few data issues (which has now been fixed with an update) when it first came out, and to address the issue Nokia has decided to issue a $100 billing credit to any customer who bought the phone (regardless of whether or not they experienced the issue).

But, they didn’t stop there. In fact, Nokia said that they’ll issue this $100 credit to any customer who buys the flagship Windows Phone any time between now and midnight on April 21st. Given the fact that the phone costs just $100 with a 2-year AT&T contract, getting a $100 credit on your bill makes the Lumia 900 effectively free. If you plan on getting the phone, we’d suggest doing so ASAP!

Source: AllThingsSD


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