How To Use Android Beam And NFC (for Android)


While NFC is still a relatively new technology, its popularity is definitely on the rise with more and more phones featuring NFC capabilities coming to market. NFC, short for Near Field Communications, lets you interact with other devices (that have NFC as well) without any wires (sort of like Bluetooth). But unlike Bluetooth, you don’t have to pair the two devices before you can transmit data from one to another.

You may have heard of Google Wallet before, which lets you pay for an item using only your NFC equipped phone. But you can do a lot more with NFC than simply paying for your cappuccino. With the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, Google introduced a new feature called Android Beam. This feature lets you send over data, like a contact or an app, over from one phone to another. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Android Beam:

Note: In order to use Android Beam, you must have two NFC equipped devices running version 4.0 (or later) of Android.

  1. First, we have to make sure your settings are set up correctly. So go over to your phone’s main settings.
  2. From here, click on “more” under “Wireless & Networks.”
  3. Make sure that the box next to the “NFC” option is checked.
  4. Tap on “Android Beam” and ensure that the flip at the top right is in the “ON” position.
  5. Make sure both devices have the settings set up this way.
  6. Place the devices back to back while viewing something that is send-able (such as a contact, an app, a webpage etc).
  7. One the device that is sending something over, there should be an option asking you to “touch to beam.”
  8. Simply touch the window in the middle, and the thing your sending over should show up on the other device’s screen.

As of right now, you cannot send over pictures using Android Beam. However, there are some third party applications available on Google Play that let you do so using the same technology.


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  • Bibi

    Fail: Two things:You sholud have demonstrated the app sharing within the app, not within the market.Second: We have seen all of this.What we didnt see is something like a video, or music or cinema sent to the other phone, that would be really fantastic, try this please!