Sprint Will No Longer Launch WiMAX Devices


Although Sprint has said that it will continue to sell WiMAX devices until the end of 2012, the company’s senior vice president of networks, Bob Azzi, said that the company will no longer launch any new WiMAX devices in the future. Instead, Sprint will turn its focus to its LTE, evidenced by the fact they have already announced two new LTE devices: the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper.

Azzi also said that Sprint plans to use its 1900 MHz spectrum to launch its LTE network by sometime in the middle of this year. Sprint also plans to start using its 800 MHz iDEN spectrum for LTE as well. The carrier has been switching iDEN users over to its CDMA based push-to-talk phones to help free up the 800 MHz spectrum. The company said it will launch 15 new LTE devices by years end, which will consist of smartphones, hotspots, and USB modems.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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