Which Mobile OS Boots Up The Fastest? Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone


How long it takes your phone to turn on may not be a top priority when making a purchasing decision, but it doesn’t hurt to know which OS is the quickest to boot. In this comparison, we’ll pit the Galaxy Nexus (representing Android) against the iPhone 4S (representing iOS) against the HD7 (representing Windows Phone):

Technically, assuming everything else is equal, the Galaxy Nexus should be the victor out of the bunch. It has the fastest processor (at 1.2 GHz) and the most RAM. The iPhone should come in second place with its dual-core 800 MHz processor with 512 MB of RAM. And the HTC HD7 should come in last considering it has only a measly 1.0 GHz single core processor with 512 MB of RAM. What were the real results?

  • First Place: Windows Phone beat both Android and iOS with a couple of seconds to spare.
  • Second Place: The iOS device finished a few seconds after the Windows Phone device.
  • Third Place: The Android device took the longest of the bunch, finishing several seconds later.

What can you make of this? Nothing really. It is just a simple comparison for fun more than anything else. However, based off of our experience with all three operating systems, we would say that the order in which each phone finished is a reflection of how quick the OS itself (hardware aside) is.


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