How To Disable A System App On Android 4.0 And Up


One of my favorite features about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the ability to disable an app, whether it is one  that comes with Android itself, one the manufacturer includes with its ROM, or one the carrier added on to the phone. It is a great way to remove a stock app from your phone without having to actually delete it. And here is how you do it:

  1. Go to your phone’s main settings menu.
  2. Go to the “Apps” or “Applications” option.
  3. Go to the “All” tab in your list of apps.
  4. Find the app you wish to disable and tap on it.
  5. Press the disable button next to the force stop button.
  6. If the disable button isn’t visible, you have to press “uninstall updates” first. Then go back to step 5.

Once you’ve disabled the app, it will be hidden from your phone as if it were never there. The great news is if you ever wanted it back, all you have to do is the same process but “enable” it instead. Just to let you know, disabled apps show up at the very bottom of the app list (not in alphabetical order) if you ever wish to re-enable it.


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