Contacts Not Showing Up On Windows Phone Text Messaging App?


When I first got my Windows Phone, I did as many of you do and transferred over my contacts from my old phone. Everything seemed fine, until one day I tried to text a certain contact and for some reason the person’s name wouldn’t come up in the text messaging app. I looked at my phone book and they were there, so I knew I had their number. What I didn’t know (and the reason for my troubles) was the contact had to be identified as a mobile one to show up in the texting app.

  1. Go to your phone book, and find the contact(s) that are in the phone book but don’t show up in the text messaging app.
  2. Open the contact(s) up, and press the edit button at the bottom (an icon of a pencil).
  3. Under their phone number, make sure that you set the number as a “mobile” number.

It’s a pretty simple solution, but was a bit annoying. Why doesn’t the phone just show the number in the text app? Well, I can’t answer that question but it makes sense in a way. I mean, you can’t text a house phone can you? So if it says “home” at the type of number, why should the phone bother you with it in the text messaging app? While it may not be the best solution, hey, at least you’ll organize your phone book in the process!


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  • Fred Mastropasqua

    I hate this feature btw. My imported contacts have “iPhone” as the phone type. It’s really annoying that I have to modify them all.