How To Add Album Art On Google Music App (for Android)


If you have a device running Ice Cream Sandwich and use the Google Music app for playing your tunes, you may have noticed that the usual album art grabbers don’t seem to work. Luckily, if you’re currently facing this issue, you’re in the right place! Here’s a video showing you how to finally get your album art to show in Google Music:

Note: This method will wipe out everything in the Google Music app, such as playlists, settings, etc.

  1. First off, make sure that your albums are correctly labeled. If you don’t take this step, the others won’t matter.
  2. Then, download a “album art grabber” app from Google Play. Their are plenty of free ones out there.
  3. Open the album art grabber, and “grab” you’re album art covers (this can take quite some time).
  4. After the app finds all your album art, go to Settings>Apps>All >Music.
  5. Hit the “clear data” button. This will wipe out everything in your Google Music app (playlists, settings, etc).
  6. Now, open up the music app.
  7. It will scan your device for music, and this time it will find it with its related album artwork.

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  • Bevalexis

    How to correct or change the wrong album art, for android, (samsung galaxy nexus). Thanks.

    • David Rahimi

      You’d have to change it within the album art grabber, then clear the Play Music data again.

  • C Trotski

    Thanks so much. Worked perfectly. I was pulling my hair out wondering why the art wouldnt update before doing this. Have a great day.

  • Daniel

    Is there any chance to update the album art without deleting playlists?

    • David Rahimi

      Not using this method unfortunately.

  • Richard

    Thanks. It was that simple.

  • Bobf

    Will these updates show on Google Play when I view it on a PC?

  • Amanda Jones

    Thank you!!!
    Worked flawlessly

  • Luke Bird

    You sir, deserve a standing ovation!! The lack of album art has been irritating me all week!! Well played!

  • Anja Schulze

    WOW! Thanks for that miracle :D

  • Shark

    Thank you very much! I have tried almost everything (literally) until i found your tip on how to refresh the album art on the music app!

  • Wondering Woody

    WIll This Wipe Out Any Music I Have Downloaded From Google Play That Is Not Stored on My Device? Also, I Have “Music” And “My Music” In My Apps, Which Should Be Cleared?

  • gogogo

    Does this work with music not downloaded to your phone? Also, if you clear the playlists from your phone, does it delete them from the online database as well? I don’t want to get rid of those playlists if possible. Anyway to back those up?