iPad 3 Specs Leaked From Debug Tool?


Someone who allegedly has an iPad 3 prototype sent BGR the image above of the device connected to a debug tool called iBoot. While the image may look like just a boring debug log, what it reveals about the iPad 3 is very interesting. For starters, there will two versions of the same iPad: a WiFi only version and a Wi-Fi and embedded GSM/CDMA/LTE version.

The fact that the new iPad (and therefore the new iPhone down the line) will have LTE has us excited. But what excites us even more is the new processor in the iPad 3, model number S5L8945X, which is believed to be a A6 quad-core chip. This is in line with what we heard last year, and if true, you can expect some crazy fast speeds in the next gen iPad.

Source: BGR


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