Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 60,000 Apps


The Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 60,000 apps, according to All About Windows Phone. While the number of apps available on Windows Phone isn’t impressive when comparing it to Android and iOS, the growth the Windows Phone Marketplace has had recently is. In just 25 days, the Marketplace jumped up from 50,000 apps to 60,000. And on average, 400 new apps are submitted every day.

While the quantity of apps available on the Marketplace is measurable, the quality isn’t. But from our experience with Windows Phone, we’d have to say that the quality isn’t quite there yet. It’s close, but there are some apps that we use on both iOS and Android that haven’t yet made it to Windows Phone. Hopefully this changes as Microsoft continues to grow its market share with the young OS which in turn will attract more developers to the platform.

Source: All About Windows Phone


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