Sony To Phase Out Ericsson By Mid 2012, Will Focus On Android Smartphones


After Sony acquired Ericsson’s share in the joint-venture between the two, a Sony executive told the Times of India that Sony will be phasing out the Ericsson brand completely by mid-2012. The company will then start to focus on creating smartphones running Android with just the Sony brand and no mentions of Ericsson.

We think this can be a good move for Sony, as it is definitely a big brand name that most consumers are familiar with. To put that brand on a cell phone would automatically create a sense of trust between consumers which should boost the company’s global smartphone share.

Not only can the goodwill of the company brand help Sony, but Sony is the largest entertainment company in the world and can therefore offer its exclusive content to its smartphones (if they choose to) which can help give them a competitive edge over companies like Samsung and HTC. We still have no word as to whether or not the company plans on selling its smartphones in the U.S.

Source: Times of India


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