MetroTube: A Better YouTube App For Windows Phone


If you’ve come to Windows Phone from either Android or iOS, or even WebOS, you’ll notice that the YouTube app (or lack thereof) on Windows Phone is pretty weak. If you’ve downloaded and used the Microsoft published YouTube “app” on the Marketplace, you’ll notice that all it really does is redirect you to the mobile YouTube site. Needless to say, it isn’t very impressive.

But what is impressive is an application developed by LazyWormApps called MetroTube. MetroTube, as the name implies, is a YouTube app that has the same beautiful metro UI that you come to know and love on Windows Phone. But it doesn’t just look pretty, it works great as well.

Here are just some of the features that you’ll find on the MetroTube app:

  • Watch videos in portrait view: One of my favorite features of MetroTube is that I have the option to watch a video in portrait mode. This allows me to read the video’s comments, scroll through other videos by the author, and see related videos all while the video plays in the background.
  • Change video quality while watching: One of the most annoying parts about having to watch videos on YouTube’s mobile site is the inability to change the video’s quality while watching the video. This isn’t an issue with MetroTube, which gives you the option to watch your videos in 240p (LQ), 360p (HQ), and 720p (HD).
  • Fast forward and rewind: This has the be the biggest problem I have with the mobile YouTube site. You can’t fast forward and rewind! With MetroTube, you get a nice bar to drag allowing you to watch (or skip) any part of the video you want.
  • Lock auto-rotation: One feature that I love is having the ability to lock the auto rotation while watching a video. This is great for when you are showing a video to friends and don’t want the screen to flip back and forth.
  • Browsing made easy: On MetroTube, you can browse through videos on YouTube by going to which ever category interests you sort through those videos by featured, top rated, staff picks, and most viewed.
  • MyTube: MetroTube has a tab you can scroll to called MyTube, which gives you quick and easy access to your recent videos, your uploads, favorites, subscriptions, and playlists.

I have to say that if you have a Windows Phone, I definitely recommend trying this app out. It works really well giving you an almost desktop-like experience, and the trial gives you unlimited viewing (making it kind of free). Of course, you can buy the app from the Marketplace and show your support for the developer. Visit for more information.


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