How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone


If your Android smartphone has been having issues like sluggish performance, constant freezing, force close errors, and other similar problems then a hard reset may be in order. A hard reset (otherwise known as a factory reset or master reset) wipes out everything in your phone’s system memory and restores it to the way it was the day you first bought it.

This basic troubleshoot is what most manufacturer’s and wireless carriers recommend you try when your cell phone is having software issues. Just follow the step by step instructions below to learn how to do it:

Warning: Doing a factory reset on your phone will wipe EVERYTHING off your phone except for what is on your SD card. Some phones give you an option to wipe whats on the SD card so make sure you don’t do this if that is not what you want. To be on the safe side, back up any important information on your computer before proceeding.

  1. From your home screen, press menu>settings.
  2. Find “factory reset” or something similar under one of the following options: Privacy, Security, Phone & Storage, or Back up & Reset. Which option “factory reset” shows up under depends on your specific phone model.
  3. Once you find “factory reset,” tap on it and then press “reset phone.”
  4. Your phone will ask for some kind of confirmation like “erase everything” or “wipe phone.” Tap on it.
  5. Your phone will restart and your done!

This will take a couple of minutes to complete. We recommend you have at least 50% battery when doing this and that you let your phone sit for about 5-10 minutes after it loads up for the best results (as things are still being loaded in the background).

If the issue you were trying to fix doesn’t go away with the hard reset, then the problem may be hardware related. If this is the case, we recommend you contact your wireless carrier or device manufacturer.


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  • Andreas V

    I bought my asusTF700 infinity android 4.1.1 already rooted with CleanROM 3.4.1 Inheritance and CROMI 3.4.4 System If i do a factory reset would i be able to go back to original factory rom settings?

  • Johnny Bee

    Hai there,

    I subscribe to Antivirus Pro program when I first bought my phone. Now I plan to do FACTORY RESET because I want to delete the FIRST EMAIL i used- which belong to my friend. Now I have my own email and I want to use it instead of my friend’s email..

    So, Will I lose the ANTIVIRUS PRO subscription after I reset the phone? Or I can always simply download the apps again and run it again? Because I remember when I subscribe it, they asked for my Identity Card. For it was a life time subscription. (Actually I don’t know exactly how the whole thing work).

    What do you suggest?

    Thank you.