Trigger 3.2 ROM Review (for Samsung Vibrant)


Note: In order to flash the Trigger 3.2 ROM onto your Samsung Vibrant, you need to be rooted.

Trigger 3.2 Final is a 2.2 KB5 based ROM developed by Birgertime from XDA Developers. I have been using the ROM combined with the OverStock 2.4.1 Kernel as my daily driver for over two months now and I have to say it is very smooth and runs without any hiccups.

There are a few customizations (to the already custom ROM) that I made which include:

Here are some notes from the developer:

  • Complete Trigger rebuild from T-Mobile’s 2.2 KB5
  • KB5 Voodoo Kernel (Thanks drhonk!)
  • KB5 Modem
  • Trigger theme
  • EDT Tweaks
  • FUGU Tweaks
  • Toggle AM/PM & Toggle Clock
  • Black market
  • Includes Gingerbread Keyboard & Swype Installer
  • 6 Lock Screens & Shutdown Menu
  • Launcher Pro & TouchWiz Launchers included
  • Modded Camera, works under low battery, hold power button to focus
  • Comes with Battery Calibration app by marosige. Please head over to his thread and thank him for allowing me to include it.

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