OverStock 2.4.1 Kernel (for Samsung Vibrant) Review


For starters, if your Samsung Vibrant isn’t rooted you won’t be able to flash this kernel. You need to have root permissions on your phone along with a custom ROM. While testing out this kernel, I was on the Trigger 3.2 Final ROM. With that said, lets go over what you get with the kernel.

Speed: The OverStock kernel converts Samsung’s RFS read/write system to EXT4 along with many other behind-the-scene improvements. One of which is having 341 MB of available RAM compared to the stock kernel’s 324 MB. Needless to say, you will definitely see an increase in performance over the stock kernel. And that is without overclocking it!

On the stock 2.2 kernel, I was getting Quadrant scores of around 1300-1400 whereas on the OverStock kernel I am getting around 1600-1700. And the number you’re really looking for: 2000-2100 overclocked at 1.2 GHz. See the screen shots below:

Battery Life: I use the OverStock kernel overclocked at 1.2 GHz as my daily driver and I get around 12 hours of battery life with heavy use. I’ve found my battery life with this kernel to be much better than what I was getting with the stock ROM and kernel. You would think that with the processor overclocked battery life would be worse. But it’s just the opposite.

One of the reasons for this is you can set minimum and maximum clock speeds (with the SetCPU app from the Android Market). So this means the phone will run at 100 MHz (or whatever you choose to set it at) while on standby or if you’re just reading something, but will automatically clock up to 1.2 GHz (or whatever you choose as your maximum clock) when you start running apps and games that require more processing power.

Stability: Like I said earlier, I use this kernel as my daily driver. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my phone, so you can probably guess that I don’t like bugs And that’s exactly why I use the OverStock kernel over the others. I get the performance boost I am looking for without sacrificing my battery life. And I get that without having any bugs or glitches. Needless to say, I definitely recommend this kernel!

You can download the kernel for your Samsung Vibrant here.

Additional information from the developer (cmenard) on OverStock 2.4.1:

  • Safe to use SetCPU Screen Off profiles set to 100-400/Conservative
  • Voodoo Sound v7 (Make sure to grab the Voodoo Control App from the market to fully utilize this feature)
  • Voodoo Color
  • Voodoo Lagfix
  • CIFS
  • BLN (Needs neldar’s BLN Control app from the market, or grab the pay version for some sweet blinking action and more)
  • FPS cap removed
  • 341MB Memory
  • Based on KA6 T959 Source

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  • Andy Leyva

    Hello i would like to know before doing this i have to uninstall the Ryan Olsa’s One click lag fix from my samsung vibrant (T-mobile) correct then do this prodedure with odin