How To Change Shutdown Animation (for Android)


Note: You need to have root permissions on your phone and file manager that displays root folders. As always, back up everything before you make any modifications to your phone. We are not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your phone.

Love your ROM but aren’t too crazy about the shutdown animation that is preloaded on it? Well, here is a step by step guide on how to change it:

1. Download New Shutdown Animation: The first and obvious step is to download a new shutdown animation with which you will be replacing the old one.

If you are getting the shutdown animation from another ROM, you have to download WinRAR on your computer and then open the ROM and follow this path: ROM > System > Media > Video > Shutdown > (shutdown animation files).

2. Transfer The Animation File(s) Onto Your Phone: Transfer the animation files (all of them) from your computer onto your phone’s SD card.

3. Copy The File(s) You Transferred: Open Root Explorer, and go to where you saved the animation files. Press menu, then hit “Multi-Select”, then “Select All” and then “Copy.”

4. Delete The Old Animation File(s): Follow this path: Root (/) > System > Media > Video > Shutdown. Press menu, then hit “Multi-Select”, then “Select All” and then “Delete.”

5. Paste The New Animation File(s): While you are still in the /shutdown folder, press “Paste.”

After you have done that, you are finished! You may need to reboot your phone once before the changes take effect.


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  • Cris

    hey there!
    can you give me the images link so i can download and try it on my galaxy note runing gingerbread?
    please get back as soon as possible.

  • Sudip

    I have Samsung Galaxy s2 I9100 and I want the shutdown/lock Animation but Where is the download link ???

  • Robert Martin

    Hi, I have an issue. I dont see a folder called video. I created it with my shutdown file and it doesnt work. I can change the bootanimation but not the shutdown. Does this mean it is impossible? If not, what am i doing wrong. It is an lg p925g The network used to be rogers. I payed to unlock it for koodo. Also the phone is rooted. Any help is appreciated.

    Robert Martin