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 It was raining, we saw a vivid rainbow, and we had water resistant phones. #galaxys7  Exclusive behind the scenes look from "Is David Dead??" linked in my bio!  Mini Kitchen.
 Really liking these headphones @ModernPortable sent us. Comfortable, easy to use, and makes listening to music that much better. Oh yeah, did we mention they're only $60 on Amazon? ;)  Lost in the desert. Video link in the bio. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one!  BB-8.
 Work break.  I'm lost.  Game of Phones.
 Some rugged and water resistant Bluetooth speakers Archeer sent us.  Air Selfie.  Checking out @HTC Vive. #CES2016
 No idea how, but the fingerprint scanner on my S7 got all scratched up... Took this photo with an S7 BTW.  Ran a poll on Twitter the other day. These were the results. Agree?  Pinball break. #CES2016
 Drop tests coming soon!  Studio snacks. #galaxynote5  My future gaming setup. #CES2016
 Old school virtual reality. #vr #virtualreality  I guess I game too hard. Trigger button stopped working. Had to get a new controller.  Imagine a bunch of these things in the air patrolling...
 There are so many reasons why flip phones are better than smartphones. Our latest video covers the top 10. Link in our bio!  My kind of Valentine's day.  Walk between the lines... #nolane #cruisecontrol #CES2016
 Thug life.  New video is up! I go over 50 voice commands you can give the Amazon Echo. Alexa can do some pretty amazing things that no other voice assistant can do. Link in my bio! #amazonecho #amazon #alexa  THIS is what a real hoverboard looks like... @lexususa #hoverboard #CES2016 #backtothefuture
 Took this on the Note 5 back when I was in Sydney. #galaxynote5 #smartphone  Lunch break.  Just enjoying the view. #CES2016
 When your phone is dead and wireless charging comes to the rescue. #android #samsung #galaxynote5 #smartphone  So freaking dope.  LG made its own little world for the V10. #CES2016
 All of them should be like this! #mariokart  Video on this thing coming soon. @honorusa  When you put a giant tablet on a fridge. #samsung #CES2016